Foy you to enjoy and benefit from this service, GuruTransfer needs to process some data that is personal, like your IP-address, your email address, that of the intended recipient and any personal message you might include when sending a file. We will principally use your personal data for sending your file and improving our service.

We will never sell it to third or affiliate parties or use it for irritating commercial messages.

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Version: 20-02-2016


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About GuruTransfer

GuruTransfer is a brand of Seventeen Cube Consulting Services Pvt. Ltd. and has its statutory seat at Lucknow (headquarter at Regus Infinity Business, 4th Floor  Halwasiya Court, Hazratganj, Lucknow-226001, Uttar Pradesh, India , Pin Code 226001)

Personal Data

At GuruTransfer we take your trust and privacy very seriously and therefore aim to process as little personal data as necessary. You, therefore, do not have to sign up for an account to use this service. However, there are certain features for which you need to sign-up using a social media account so that we can make it available to you. In order to use our service and send your file, it is necessary to enter your own email address, add the file(s) you wish to transfer (up to 2 GB) and the email addresses of the recipients (up to 20). You might also add a personal message for the recipients along with your file. In case you use a link transfer, you can proceed without entering email addresses.

To make your next visit easier, GuruTransfer installs a cookie that remembers the email address you enter for yourself and those of your designated recipients. If you use our service, GuruTransfer furthermore stores your IPaddress; the aforementioned email addresses; IP-addresses of the downloaders, file names, sizes and types; country and language settings; browser type and Flash version. GuruTransfer stores this data for a maximum of 12 months, whereafter it is anonymised. The file itself is stored on GuruTransfer’s servers for a period of 7 days, whereafter it is automatically deleted.

GuruTransfer does not monitor the contents of files nor does it store any other than the aforementioned personal data. GuruTransfer can, however, view the names and types of Files that have been sent, but will only access this information if your (technical) support request necessitated this.



GuruTransfer processes personal data for the sole purpose of (i) operating the service and/or website and (ii) to follow up on abuse reports, to cooperate with law enforcement. GuruTransfer does not sell or otherwise distribute your personal data to affiliate or third parties and will not send you newsletters or use your personal data for any other purposes then stated above. Only desensitise data will be used to evaluate the use of our Website and Service as well as for statistical purposes.


GuruTransfer takes appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data against loss or other forms of unlawful processing. For technical and operational reasons, personal data can be transferred through servers in India or other countries outside India, where the Indian data protection rules are not applicable. Privacy regulations outside India might not provide the same high level of protection. By using our Service and/or Website You acknowledge and agree that GuruTransfer transfers your personal data through servers that are possibly outside the India.



You are only allowed to use our website and/or service when at or over the age of 16 years, or with the approval of your parents or guardians.


Revisions to the Privacy Policy

Note that GuruTransfer may revise this Privacy Policy from time to time. Each revised version shall be dated and posted on the website. GuruTransfer recommends that you review the website from time to time and take note of any changes. If you do not agree with the Privacy Policy, you should not or no longer access or use the website and/or service. By continuing to use of the website and/or service you accept any changes made to the Privacy Policy.


If you have questions about the way GuruTransfer processes your personal data or the personal information GuruTransfer stores about you, please contact GuruTransfer team by sending an email with your question to

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