Our Skill

To finish, Guru Transfer steps on the mobile reign, with all updated and up-to- date features and cutting-edge tools. We’re making sure that you have one less thing to worry about and can focus on the things that matter. In fact, we anticipated changing what used to be the biggest hassle into a great experience by making our app as erotic as feasibly we could. Our trusted users have proved our app will guarantee all-in- one experience.

Simplicity Is the Key to Guru Transfer

It’s easy to conclude, the app is on fire. You are just a few steps away to download and a little more step to be a user. Keep the snapshots, videos and important documents at your fingertips; exchanging media has never been cooler. Now you are free to make your own collections, we let you add one or more recipient emails, and relish some of the next-level imagery featured on our platform while your transfer is flooding.
Our Team sets a new level and allows you to overflow the media up to 3GB, how meeker can you presume now. Want to know more?

Plus Account- We See the Advancement

Our developers made it more hassle-free for our users, now you can connect the dots and link your updated Guru Transfer Plus account to the app, that makes easier to keep the track of your mobile media that been transferred. We help you to store in your account as long as you let them reside.
Now, you are the happy Lord of a plus account. Visit the device page to connect your account to your phone or with other devices.

Intense Android and iOS Integration

Doesn’t matter if you are an Android or an iOS user, anyway, we got you protected, what matters the most is our customer being a quick user of Guru Transfer. However Android has something additional, weird yet true. You can share icon in the Android user interface and swiftly you can transfer your selected media from your own Guru Transfer app.


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