If you don’t already know – personal branding is simply – well, unavoidable:

  • According to Entrepreneur Magazine, messages shared by individuals receive 561% more reach than brands.
  • Professionals who use social media as a sales technique outsell their peers by 76%.
  • And 85% of U.S. recruiters say that an employee’s online reputation influences their hiring decisions.

Today we interview Jessica Zweig founder of Simply Be Agency : A personal branding agency in Chicago. Let’s dive right in:

What gets you out of bed every day?

Honestly, so much. It first has to be my business and my brand, SimplyBe. I learned a long time ago that my business isn’t me and I am not it, but it is an extension of me. Currently, SimplyBe is in a huge growth period, and I have never felt more inspired by the work I’m creating and the clients I get to support. Next to that, it’s of course my amazing husband and my incredible little dog – we are a family, and they are my life. I am blessed to have amazing friends and a loving family that makes me want to live and feel life to the fullest. So, I guess inspiration, creativity and gratitude get me out of bed each day,

What is your mantra or power word?

My mantra would be “Your vibe attracts your tribe.” I am about positive vibes only and feel that what you put out into the world, you’ll attract. Be conscious of your thoughts… And my power word would definitely be “authenticity.” Why would you try to be anyone but your amazing, badass self?

How do you get into a good mood? Or what do you like to do in your spare time?

Nothing lifts my spirit like travel. I try to travel multiple times a year to expand my perspective and to free my soul. When I’m home in Chicago, I love to workout (Pilates, SOUL, Barry’s Bootcamp are my go-to workouts), I love seeing live music – it’s such a huge part of my life, and date nights in with my husband where we cook, talk and watch movies are my favorites. With the amount of hustling I do, I really crave balance and flow.

What is your favorite part about managing your business?

I love my team so much, especially the young women I get to empower and train. My employee told me at the end of last quarter during her review that she felt more confident and believed in herself more based on working with me. I literally could have died and gone to heaven in that moment. It was one of my proudest moments.

What is one huge hurdle,problem or area that you help your clients with?

With personal branding, it really requires a certain mindset to put yourself out there for the world to witness. Many people don’t feel their stories are worthy, or are afraid of being criticized or judged. I love working with my clients on getting them past that point of self-doubt and to shine light on the parts of them that they don’t see in themselves. That’s truly my gift – I know that – and it’s one of the most gratifying things to see a client step into their own greatness.

What’s your favorite social media channel and why?

I will always be partial to Snapchat. It was the original “Story” ephemeral app, and I think the foundation to its success was that it really made people laugh and feel joy. However, I am obsessed with Instagram admittedly. It’s become a place to truly connect and build community, build a narrative…I just love the compilation of imagery, video and written content you can work with.

What is one huge problem that you help your clients with?

Very few people understand what makes them truly unique. My agency specializes in helping our clients develop a fully fleshed out personal brand identity, that emcompasses not only look, feel, style, voice and tone, but value. Our process is incredibly unique and unlike any other agency when it comes to developing personal brands.

What is the power of good personal branding – where is it applied? Or – What is a reason/stat to focus on personal branding?

Personal Branding, when done well, can open up the doors to a life and a business of your choosing. You can leverage your personal brand and its platforms in so many directions, either related to your business, or to you as a business. This results in more revenue, more exposure, more credibility, more opportunities…it’s endless.

Well that’s a wrap, thanks so much Jessica. We really enjoyed your insights. Please follow Jessica on Instagram – that is her jam!

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