The best part about our first featured expert in the ‘Guru Spotlight Series’ is that he is not only an #InstagramPro specializing in community building using Insta, but Warren has worked with celebrity artists, influencers, bloggers, and brands such as Sony Pictures, Condé Nast China, Uniqlo, TVR Optical, Mont Blanc and GQ.

He’s also got a regularly programmed Instagram course you can take to catch-up on your Instagram skills, so don’t worry you can access a lot of that corporate experience by registering now. His class is surely always packed, but if you ask us the MOST fascinating thing about Warren, it would be that he has a very lively (no pun intended) entity that he manages massive growth for regularly. Warren Carlyle is the founder of the single largest Octopus fan club on Instagram. Search handle #Octonation with 76,000 followers and counting. This is where all the details of the Instagram craft can be seen step for step.

🐙 #Octonation is a tentacle inspired community filled with art! Cool facts! EPIC photos of octopuses! You can even get member shirts! bit.ly/octonationstore


This channel is just proof that Warren is a pro and clearly has a proven craft.  If you could hear all of the stories behind this channel, like this one update where he received 10,000+ views on a video. Then in the comments he asked if the audience wanted to do a meet-up. A resounding 200 complete strangers but admitted Octopus fans RSVP’d! (Insert jaw drop here.) See the post below for your own eyes…

Octonation Snapshot of Updates with 10,000 views by Warren Carlyle

The reason it is so valuable is that he has managed to create an “actionable” audience out of a single animal of the millions we know exist.

Many people look to social channels with the mightiest of expectations, but few walk away with much but frustration and aggravation. With Warren, you’ll see he’s an effective teacher and coach. Just to make sure you know him a little better, we did a brief interview. You know, simple things that you might like to know from such an inspirational Ocotopus loving entrepreneur!

What is your mantra or power word?

Resource- If you become know as a resource for information in your given topic you have instant credibility and people know exactly how to refer you.  

What is your favorite part about managing your business?

The speed in which you can execute upon new ideas and marketing strategies.

What is one huge hurdle, problem or area that you help your clients with?

Once clients know who they serve and what problem they solve and can clearly articulate how they help others practically, I specialize in mentoring businesses on how exactly to keep their content at the top of their followers time-lines and what campaigns to run to drive growth while still maintaining engagement.

What’s your favorite social media channel and why?

Instagram. I’ve been working with it since 2012 and have yet to work with someone that I couldn’t come up with a content and growth strategy for. If you are truly offering value and not just trying to sell all the time- it’s the perfect platform to exchange value for attention that will eventually lead into serious money.

What’s something interesting that will help our readers remember you?

I run the largest octopus fan club in the world, how’s that for quirky?

How is Instagram helpful for a B2B enterprise SaaS company. I don’t know what I don’t know, and I make a blanket assumption that Instagram as a marketing/sales tool would be more successful for a B2C  product/service? (This question was from our LinkedIn page audience: Thanks Michael C! ) 

Brainstorm at your next meeting to ask yourself & your employees- what could your customers/clients do, be, or have- as a result of your products and services? (In this instance your software as a service.) From there, we’d think about all the different ways we could facilitate a conversation around those results. Look at SaaS companies like Adobe Photoshop. Most of their posts to Instagram are UGC (User generated content.) This means they are using the customers end result of the software and marketing it back to prospective clients- this is great “social proof” that their product is actually being used and enjoyed. UGC strategies are great for Instagram, because the content needs to be visually compelling. With UGC the additional benefit is also context. It answers how exactly your software is going to improve their day to day. So start there – and if you need any more help, reach out! 😀

What are some best practices on retaining users? (This question was from our Instagram audience: @abdulwahidmalek – Thanks Abdul!) 

I answer that and more in my download called ” Top 5 Tips for Building a Massive Customer Base on Instagram”

It’s great to have an Instagram expert you can call – now you know Warren! Don’t worry – obviously you will be able to find Warren on Instagram !!!! Guess what, he’s also vibrant on these other channels too: Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

For his class, check out his  Website 

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