Research shows that approximately two out of three US travelers say they love influencing and exposing to their friends back home their vacation experiences, according to a team of Info-tech experts. Next big travel essential is a mobile app to facilitate large file transfer.

Yes, one said, “In the old days we’ve lugged the camcorder with us, get home and have the friends over for a cocktail and watch the videos of our trip.” – the then travel essential!

When file transfer apps are used, friends and family back home can almost feel like they are there with you. This brings on a question: Will people start checking destinations off their bucket lists and travel there once they’ve seen you live?

When you’re on a trip or vacation, you’re immersed in your destination 24 hours a day, having varied and unique experiences.

So why not share that experience with the others in your life that can’t be with you by using the Guru Transfer file transfer app? It’s better than virtual reality because your friends are actually right there with you and this is one of the most amazing technologies in existence.

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But it still pales in comparison to actually being there in person along with your friends who are sharing their trip.

When it comes to making the memories from, say, Paris or wherever that are inherently bound to real life traveling experiences, download the Free Guru Transfer app on your mobile and share your experiences live.

With the Guru Transfer app, you can travel to destinations all over the world and with a simple click in an instant your family and friends can share that experience with you without having to leave their home.

A sister article tells how easy, fast and powerful cloud file transfer is becoming…

And these days, the Guru Transfer file transfer app is something as simple as a smart phone, tablet or home computer. A perfect travel essential and companion!

You can add a headset to the mix if you want to get personal and downright cozy with your friends who are at their dream mountain resort, or that number one golf course that every golfer wants to eventually test.

“You can’t replicate that from traditional video cam, but you can give people a preview and understanding of what they would experience if they went to visit physically,” says  retired insurance agent Ronnie Skeen, who uses the Guru Transfer app while on his bass fishing excursions in central Florida.

As technological innovations have improved file transfer and sharing capabilities have become more commonplace.

You can use file transfer to check out a casino or museum from your couch, or visit someone actually on Clearwater Beach from your favorite recliner, or set up a trip to St. Andrews, Scotland while you’re hitting balls on the driving range from your local golf course.

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Hop over to LinkedIn where GuruTransfer founder, Rohit Srivastava tells us more. Tech experts everywhere believe cloud file transfer will continue to–positively influence the way people share their holidays and vacations, and Guru Transfer has the app to back it up.

Another techy survey of a Hotel Resort chain found that more than 75% of people who share their destinations with others have their interest piqued enough to take the next step in the process of planning their own trip.

Cloud file transfer is the future and it is certainly here. The Guru Transfer app, which is to say, will actually help give tourism a giant leap forward.

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