Everywhere people are connecting whether it’s students, employees, businesses, and simple everyday people looking to work more from their mobile devices.

The need for a powerful, easy and fast mobile file transfer solution has increased, particularly as file sizes grow and stifle wireless network transfers. Smart tablets and phones have dramatically changed the way enterprises conduct business and the way families and friends are sharing information.

Powerful graphical capabilities:

This technology is ideally suited for remotely creating and reviewing rich digital content, and this latest trend is attracting many individuals and of all ages and for many uses.

Consider lawyers, their clients, and the court system accessing motions, litigation orders, criminal records and more information on an iPad, and on their phones. Media teams are analyzing news worthy-critical data, as news people and journalists in the field publishing videos right on sight and with a click in an instant transferring the file back to the office.

There are many mobile scenarios in use every day.

Consider people facing tight deadlines, including 14 year old Shelly Ann who excitedly wanted to transfer her video files to her girlfriends while visiting Pikes Peak.

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The mobile apps that enable these use cases are well beyond traditional transport technologies that have proven unreliable and slow when used over wireless networks of inconsistent quality with huge delays and even loss.

Organizations need mobile devices to do more than just improve data access and file transfer across widely dispersed global teams. They require an exceptional mobile experience that includes built-in security and fast and consistently reliable performance.

Built on a patented transfer technology:

The Guru Transfer app for iOS and Android is great for transferring the largest of files, and at lightning speed over traditional mobile transfer technologies. The Guru provides a look and feel of native device apps, and integrates seamlessly with device cameras and photo galleries.

A similar article tells us more about parents and their children benefitting from cloud file transfer…

This mobile app enables users to quickly send files including video all over the world and to multiple friends and/or associates as Shelly Ann proved when all her friends received her Pikes Peak experience as she herself was experiencing it.

Guru Transfer allows you to directly capture and transfer photos and video using the device camera or a library of files on your device that support IOS or Android file Transfer, all within the app.

itunes from the Apple store

Over at LinkedIn founder, Rohit Srivastava explains bringing the power of the Guru’s collaboration expertise—a solution long overdue that helps many people of all ages have solutions for sharing in the moment.

With the Guru Transfer app, companies can provide employees, customers, and partners the ability to remotely browse and transfer files and folders with remote file transfer at high-speed.

You actually harness cloud high technology to share files between individuals and groups.

The app for iOS and Android is a great client app specifically designed client relations from any mobile devices running Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. Users can receive any content and send by initiating high-speed file transfers using the email-style workflow, adapted to the native style of the device.

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