File transfer is simply a miraculous way for Internet-based computing.

It’s where resources, applications, and files are stored and transferred in distant cloud servers away from your computer. You can access these resources on demand from any computer and mobile devices.

Consider that tutoring outside of school hours by parents is invaluable for children. And that’s where a file transfer service can really perform in time to help parents everywhere.

With file transfer you can share the information on the laptop or smartphone in front of you with the desktop computer at home, several thousand miles away, and vice-versa. And it’s instant, which means that when the all-important term paper is due, you can enter the cloud with your young scholar and work on the project together in real time.

Let’s look at a single mom and travelling distant areas as a parent sales associate.

40 year old Gina says she is no longer out of reach. “Sure, modern cell phones and laptops help you to stay in touch” Gina said, “but when it comes to helping my 15 year old Gregory trying his best to keep up with his science class, I don’t have to rely on email and a phone call when I’m travelling and in and out of hotels.”

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File transfer is not just confined to hotel rooms and home offices. The cloud is accessible anywhere you have access to the Internet.

Gina added, “when my child’s school is also using cloud file transfer and storage, I can tap into that resource, too, from anywhere I may be.”

When you have to deal with a panic-stricken teen who knows they have an essay to write but can’t recall the deadline, by using the Guru Transfer app you can access the agenda from the school and see the due dates of your child’s homework assignment.

What’s great is that it’s for all ages!

For the most part, using file transfer to help with your child’s homework is definitely aimed at older teens and children. We live in a computer-savvy society and the cloud is just as accessible for younger children.

A related article shows readers file transfer has teenager’s rushing to the cloud…

Gina is so thrilled with her Guru Transfer app she says that there’s no better time for a parent to experience the cloud, and has told many of her friends who also have teens and pre-teens who may benefit.

At LinkedIn you can see what founder, Rohit Srivastava has to say about the technology being at a place that makes it easy to do, and more people than ever are using file transfer to help with many aspects of family life.

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Gina uses the Guru for her sales agendas and proposals and contracts in addition to staying on top of her family life, and tells others there truly is no better time than right NOW to download the Guru Transfer app.

“There’s no better time,” she adds, “for a parent to begin sharing the cloud with the kids.”

The technology is at a place that makes it easy for the children to safely do, and more people than ever are using file transfer options to help with many aspects of family life.

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