In a group and the choice for someone to opt to be completely invisible aren’t always the only desired options.

Without getting into games of ethics and logics, like I read about the Prisoner’s Dilemma or Two Hens and a Fox Crossing the river, and suffice to say that the perfection of awareness of knowing everyone’s whereabouts is not always cool.

But do you want everyone in the family to have access to the same important information, in case of emergency, no matter where each other are—and that includes globally.

Even in the hopefully unlikely event that one person has a device stolen or someone gains access to it and they have a password that can be guessed or is written down, that still only allows that disgusting thief to crash your information. I mean wiping the devices clean belonging to that one account holder.

File transfer and sharing in the family requires all the latest everything: and Guru Transfer has it.

With all of that in place, the Guru lets as many as you’d like to share files, even video and images across their own accounts. It’s a perfectly reasonable thing for an adult in a pair or other relationship to not want to be tracked by other people at all times, even when they trust them with their lives.

And if your family is a group of people sharing a home and media, rather than a more conventionally structurally define one, it becomes even more of an itchy topic.

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It comes with a hidden curse, and that’s because some families that share together can have all their devices wiped together and all track each other’s locations, regardless of one’s age.

But there is a potential downside when location sharing is enabled:

Every family member has the power to wipe every other device, that’s part of the family group. But Guru Transfer recognized that not all families are happy families, and that apps might fall into the wrong hands.

In a related article we discussed how, yes, how the kids are demanding their file transfer privacy…

Rather than that person having to get to a browser to log in and track their device just to retrieve a file, anyone else in the family can pull up the information from the cloud. Another family member can determine whether a device has an Internet connection, and get access to the file until you find your device.

See LinkedIn where founder, Rohit Srivastava tells us why families love this app.

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This all makes lovely and perfect sense.

When children are old enough that you want to send them into the world on their own, expect to outfit them with iPhones or Android and the Guru Transfer app.

You absolutely want to be able to know where they are if something happens or just to know they’ve gotten home safely without having to have them check in.

The advantages of file transfer and sharing within the family for the right set of people aligned in a group are fairly large. It’s important to examine all the options about when and to whom locations are shared, as well as keep close track of passwords to use family file transfer to its best effect.

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