Apple coined a feature for “Find my iphone,” and now Guru Transfer is letting families make the best use of file transfer apps and shared cloud storage.

Family file transfer is the latest attempt by Guru Transfer to facilitate families’ file transfer and sharing, even if they don’t care too much. It comes with a hidden curse, though: Families that share together can have all their devices wiped together and all track each other’s locations, regardless of one’s age.

When you’ve chosen to opt into file sharing and location sharing, one could argue these are good things. As an aging blogger I keep pushing the fact about having to know the risks in order to evaluate them.

Here’s a potential downside: with location sharing enabled, every family member has the power to wipe every other device, iOS and Mac, that’s part of the family group. Apple recognized that not all families are happy families, and that hardware might fall into the wrong hands.

Thus, to erase a device belonging to another member of group, that member’s password is required.

There’s something a little interesting in how family file sharing works. Even though you can denote specific accounts as belonging to age 12-and-under, you can’t prevent location sharing and other features from working across every device in a group, as opposed to just adults seeing everything, and kids not unless the adults allow it.

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Guru Transfer is offering this option for younger kids, till teens graduate or till parents decide about account restrictions at age 13.

The related issue is that the “Search for Smartphone” feature became available to everyone in a family. Every device you possess and every device that anyone in your communal group has logged in to a participating file transfer app like Guru Transfer account is part of this collection.

This should alert you to the risk once again of writing down and sharing passwords.

In a home with one or more shared computers, a sticky note on a monitor with the family’s passwords–where it can be seen by family, guests, kids’ friends, or even a burglar (yikes)– becomes an even worse idea than it’s been for decades.

See LinkedIn where founder, Rohit Srivastava says more about adults and kids can, of course, suppress their location by disabling settings.  But then everyone in a group, including the other adult or adults, can’t find them either.

There’s a refinement in this where any member in a group can also select specific individuals from whom to hide their location until that member chooses to resume sharing with them or everyone.

A similar article informs all of us how excited teenagers are over cloud file transfer…

itunes from the Apple store

That sounds trivial, and my once teenagers are now parents (thank God), but it would seem to defeat the purpose of keeping tabs on your kids as appropriate while also not wanting them to know when you’re, say, returning from an evening obligation.

Do you really want to give the kids time to get their friends off your new furniture and spray air freshener all over? Or do you want to catch them in the act of the party?

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