He calls himself ‘Master Shifu’ instead of ‘Founder’ of Copy Monk. If it isn’t obvious our spotlight has a bit of a martial arts obsession.


His obsession is not only a hobby, there is no doubt that he IS a master. We have not seen his martial arts practices, but if we were to vouch for his email sales copy. We’ve seen it.

If you subscribe to his email blasts, you’ll see what he means by persuasive copy.  His emails are what got him on our radar in the first place. Everyone knows the power of email marketing correctly… and if you don’t here are three stats to bring it back to mind:

  1. 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email. (Convince and Convert)
  2. 7 in 10 people say they made use of a coupon or discount from a marketing email in the prior week. (2012 Blue Kangaroo Study)
  3. For every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment. (Experian)

So, now that we know why we should consider email marketing as a value add marketing activity, learn about someone who knows a whole lot about that below.

Meet Danavir Sarria, founder of Copy Monk – a course about copy. And, he is also the manager of the largest Facebook groups (4,ooo+ members) exclusively dedicated to learning copy….

What gets you out of bed every day?

The chance to get to work on stuff I enjoy everyday.

What is your mantra?

There are only good and great days.

How do you get into a good mood? Or what do you like to do in your spare time?

I don’t do anything special in my spare time. Probably the most significant thing I do outside of business is watch movies. I’m a big movie nerd. It helps me relax and detach myself from everything that’s going on around me.

What is your favorite part about managing your business?

I like the “big thinking” part. The strategy and positioning stuff fascinates me. I would do it all day if I could.

What is one huge hurdle,problem or area that you help your clients with?

Learning how to write persuasive copy that sells without having to spend 8 years to get good at it like I did. They don’t have to be A-listers, but if they can write B-level copy consistently to get more traffic, leads, and sales, then that’s all that matters.

What’s your favorite social media channel and why?

It’s tie between Facebook and Youtube, but if I had to pick, I would choose Facebook. It’s great for my business since the majority of my target audience is there and the ad targeting system is second to none… It’s also a great place to just talk to people. It’s much easier to connect with people on Facebook than it is in other social media channel.

What’s something interesting that will help our readers remember you?

I absolutely love martial arts & war history. I spend a lot of time watching movies, documentaries, and reading articles/books about these things. In fact, I built Copy Monk based around the idea of teaching copywriting using martial arts & war history as an analogy. It’s also why I like to call myself “Master Shifu” instead of “founder”.

I read a study about the cost of poor copy once. It is estimated that every year bad writing costs businesses $400 billion in the States. What is the power of good copy – where is it applied?

We use it so much we forget it’s there. For marketing, we use it from social media updates, email newsletters, blogs or websites – even just everyday emails when communicating with your boss or co-workers. Being efficient with your communication is the fastest means to getting understood and receiving commitment from interested parties.

Tell us about your Copy Monk Way email marketing course?

Emails That Convert is a 90 minute course that is split up into 5 segments. The first segment is about the 10 rules to writing emails the “Copy Monk Way”. The 2nd segment is focused on the Email Monk framework you can use to write highly profitable and engaging emails fast. The 3rd segment is about the process of writing an email. The 4th segment is focused on idea generation so you always know what to say in your emails. The last segment contains 13 more email frameworks you can use so that your subscribers are never bored with your daily emails.

The #1 reason everyone should be focusing on email marketing is that it’s still one of the most profitable marketing channels out there and it’s the only marketing channel you really own. You can sign up here

You should also join the Copy Monk Facebook group. At 4,000 people and growing, it’s one of the largest copy writing groups in all of Facebook. There are always active conversations in there. And best of all, it’s free. So if you’ve ever wanted to a single place to learn about copy writing and connect with others who are trying to do the same, then this group is for you.

What is it like to manage the Facebook group, some people are amazed at the time management involved with community groups?

Managing a Facebook group is fun, especially if you liked forums back in the day. When managed correctly, there’s always an “active” conversation happening every day. It’s also a great place to build influence since you’re both the leader and the main content provider there. However, it does take up more time than you would expect. If you’re not careful, you’ll be spending hours a day just chatting with people. You have to be clear about why you are running this group and the role you play in it before starting one. With that said, it’s been an important part of my business.

I notice you aren’t focused on any other social media channels for Copy Monk aside from the Facebook group, can you help our audience understand the thinking there? Do you ever wonder if you would have more people if you marketed on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn?

The reason I only focus on my Facebook group is because the majority of my audience is on Facebook, I get 100% organic reach (unlike a FB page), and it grows organically while giving me higher quality followers since there is an extra step involved. When it comes to other channels, the answer is: yes. However, there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the channels with the highest ROI for my time. For example, I plan to do a lot with YouTube and a FB page soon. My audience is on both channels. Each presents organic growth, leverages video well, and each have highly targeted ad systems. Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn wouldn’t help me much in all those respects.

So, essentially, you carefully planned out what is required to make just a Facebook group convert. Thereafter, you realized you are only one person with so much time and money — so you made a decision to navigate away from other channels for fear of not being able to make them work in a realistic amount of time. That sounds so reasonable and smart.

What do you notice seems to be a common problem among your Facebook group or a most frequently asked question?

The most common problem is of uncertainty. Most aren’t sure if what they wrote is good enough before they put it out there to see if it can make sales.

So, essentially, how do you answer that question?

Well, I guess you’ll have to visit the Facebook group to learn more about what all you can find from the Copy Monk!

Touché Danavir. Touché

If you have any more questions for our direct sales email copy guy… please ask in the comments below.

If you want the sign-up for the email writing course, please go here. You can subscribe to Copy Monk by visiting CopyMonk.com or joining their Facebook group here.

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