As Jason’s neighborhood antique shop moved to adopt Guru Transfer cloud file transfer and storage technologies, his two employees gained a multitude of benefits.

This included access to cloud-based tools that enable faster, more accurate and more productive collaboration among their buying trips.  At the same time, with the rise in demand for antique furniture, collaboration applications that a mobile component gave his business connections with other shops overseas.

Guru Transfer combines industry-leading file transfer security and storage options that promote collaboration and communication within associates in your niche from around the globe. I mean simple ways Jason can share and transfer files; photos, videos and more within the cloud with other vendors everywhere.

“In our shop,” Jason said, “we have Guru Transfer apps for each of my buyers who are busy seeking out treasures hidden in tight corners of not only our local area, but as well, around the world.”

For example, if my Buyer needs to ask someone a general question or see the image of the piece sitting in a corner of an older basement, they post it and my Buyer is on his way to make a deal if necessary.

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The real power of the Guru Transfer app is the seamless integration with mobile cloud collaboration.

The Guru Transfer app and the rumored soon-to-be-released Guru Pro version, is packed with power and is one of the best, most fully-integrated collaboration mobile devices for business, as well as, for personal affairs of people of all ages and for any reason right down to the kids in school.

Make your weekly meetings more productive by sharing your files with your team– in real time–, or for students with their teachers and private sharing with their friends. It makes life easier when working together on projects.

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“The ways that Guru Transfer can improve communication and collaboration are seemingly endless and my small shop finds new ways to capitalize on this tool every day,” added Jason who’s soon to open a second store in another area.

It is the end of emailing and trying to attach large files, when the largest of files can be moved with Guru Transfer in an instant.

By saving all of your files to the Guru Transfer app, you can access them anytime, anywhere, and on any device, whether it’s your phone, your tablet or your laptop and of course the desktop. You can also securely transfer or share your files with anyone while maintaining control over who can edit each file and see only what you want them to see.

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Jason added, “With open interaction and partnership with other shops within the internet I have developed reliability and personal privacy with shop owners I most likely will never meet face to face with a handshake.”

Hop over to LinkedIn where founder, Rohit Srivastava, tell us how it places you in control when it concerns information needing personal privacy. The advantages of cloud file transfer with Guru Transfer are obvious.

Find out how you can enjoy the benefits of these service remedies for your family, small business, or even on a Fortune 500 level, with the protection and devices that offer you the assurance of understanding your information being safeguarded.

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