“Back not too long ago I used to burn two copies of my photography and video and send one set back home via post,” said Chad, a freelance photographer in upstate New York.  He added that carrying a bunch of blank DVDs and spending all that time burning got rather impractical.

“Coming home from a trip or photo shoot empty-handed isn’t much fun,” Chad volunteered. He did say that backing up everything sounds like a must in theory and works well at home, but at a hotel or cafe can be difficult and just a pain at times and usually isn’t up to the task. A file transfer app such as Guru Transfer is the way to go.

The first line of defense is having multiple copies on different media that you can separate.

And having multiple copies on different media in different places is the best way to safeguard your images. The bare minimum requirement is having two copies of your images, but better yet is three or four copies. But those copies should be on different media and packed in different bags, and just another hassle. And having four copies, well, then, need to be checked luggage and if the airline loses your bag!

Back in the film days, it was easy enough to accidentally expose your film, have it fogged by airport security x-rays, or simply lose the rolls, but there was something physical to hang on to as well as a full spectrum of trouble between safety and disaster.

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Memory cards with their solid state memory, are generally very stable—not near as perfect, but can get you by.

Memory card manufacturers claim that their cards are waterproof, temperature shock, vibration and proof, x-ray proof, magnet proof, and impact proof, if you’re sure that’s the way you want to go.

But the prices of memory cards are not cheap at all! If your camera has the ability to copy to two cards at once, it’s a more practical option than it used to be, although they still don’t offer the same cost-per-gigabyte economy of a file transfer app like Guru Transfer.

Backing up to memory cards isn’t ideal–it’ll eat into your camera’s battery life.

Memory cards certainly aren’t really designed for archival storage, and are very easy to lose. But it’s an ultra-lightweight option that makes more sense as cards get bigger IF costs come down.

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itunes from the Apple store

“On the rise, is the Guru Transfer app for all your videos and photos,” said Chad. He said he thinks it’s essential to construct a technique around cloud innovation to keep a backup and file transfer an affordable benefit.

“Innovation like Guru Transfer is not only making my photo shoots extra affordable, obtainable, and appropriate, but I do it all from my mobile device, he concluded.”

But as photographers and other artists rush to mobile apps for file transfer, others in all areas of personal life and business will hop on the bandwagon as they realize, convenience and quality is everything.

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