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This story can help you eliminate all the clutter in your life, so you can accomplish your work and enjoy your life.

The clerk at the counter had no choice but to say that Barb’s dead battery problem was going to cost her a new one, unless she provided the warrantee. She couldn’t come up with the warrantee.

Barb’s car had died, and she was stranded. After two attempts and being “on hold” for nearly half an hour, she decided to call the local store where she purchased the battery, where an associate assured her they could replace it. She was instructed to jump start the car and drive to nearby auto store and drop off the car, which she did.

The dude at the repair shop said she would have to call the store where she bought the battery to get the warrantee faxed over, and there was nothing they could do until then.  Later, she was told that the fax had been sent and she could return to the store to get the new battery.

She purchased the battery about a year ago in another area major discount retailer, but she is now living away from that area, and her battery died on the way to Tampa. She didn’t have the warranty for the battery with her, so she tried to call the original store to find out her options with regard to getting the battery being replaced.

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As it turns out, they couldn’t replace the battery, so she ‘d have to buy a new one. She was told that she also needed to present the paperwork to support her warranty, which of course, she did not have.

Let’s consider the lesson learned:

If my friend had stored her warranty online ‘in the cloud’, with the Guru Transfer app, and presented the warrantee from her iphone or any mobile device, the battery could have been replaced in one hour instead of being an all-day event.

If the discount store had appropriate cloud services, again, like Guru Transfer, Barb wouldn’t have needed her paperwork at all, and she would be a “raving fan” of the business forever!

Another popular article tells how many are embracing success via the the cloud…

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You won’t know until you ask, but the real question is “What will it cost you if you don’t ask for help?” If Barb had a cloud file transfer app, her problems that day would not have been problems.

itunes from the Apple store

On the other hand, if the auto store would have originally stored their customer’s details in the cloud including a warrantee and the like, people everywhere would benefit—by not needing to worry about being a pack rat when it comes to keeping paperwork.

Go to LinkedIn and see founder, Rohit Srivastava tell us more like, according to many young and upcoming IT experts personal cloud file transfer and storage means having all of your files, everything you need in all areas of your life at your reach with a simple click.

You can be prepared for life’s unexpected troubles that seem to sneak up on all of us.

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