He had to find a file transfer service powerful enough to address important needs, Cloud File Transfer gets Students around Learning Curve

These files needed space and when Byron Smith school teacher at a public high school learned the story of a shy girl who found the courage to speak up with the help of her computer, he knew he needed to make a change.

For some, cloud file transfer is an amorphous issue. For Mr. Smith, its definition was simple: technology the school may use without owning hardware. The teachers at the school had more ideas on how to use cloud file transfer for his student’s needs.

“We wanted to replicate content for all the students and get files to the students as well,” Smith explains. “This way, the work the students were involved in would be available at network speed from home or at their desks in school, or anywhere on the planet for that matter from their mobile device.

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He needed extra space and he needed to stay within the limits of his school’s privacy policy.

“Children have to be protected, but we also need to help them move forward,” Smith says.

The learning curve for the students is not just with the training or lesson plans of the kids, who were born into a constantly changing technological world, but rather with training their teachers, all teachers agreed.

The school’s administration recommends adding a professional development focus for switching over to the cloud and allowing enough time for repetitive learning.

Smith a teacher of over 25 years admits he has used cloud-based aspects in recent years, but this complete overhaul meant losing the headaches of updating and installing. From a management standpoint, the pros of putting schools in the cloud, are streamlining work and making files accessible for students and staff. The school also works with the technology education company it’s learning, which has a one-stop portal for all resources. Cloud File Transfer gets Students around Learning Curve and has been chosen with proven success.

A sister article shows us how cloud file transfer is more and more coming to the classroom…

“We have the Guru Transfer app as our cloud file transfer and storage service for all students and staff,” Smith says, and he adds that the students are using the file transfer options for a bit more than their lesson plans and assignments.

For example, we certainly do see that the kids are sharing videos and their favorite itunes.

But that’s okay because the learning curve being more easily rounded with the Guru Transfer app is what we’re really after. After all, kids will be kids and that won’t change. Smith also admitted the excitement the teachers and staff are feeling in their own personal use of the app.

itunes from the Apple store

It’s certain that students spend a lot of time taking tests. There are end-of-semester tests, end-of-year tests, subject matter tests, aptitude tests, state tests, national tests, and college aptitude tests.

Hop over to LinkedIn and see where founder, Rihit Srivastava tell us more how the list is endless to a willing to learn as well as a stressed-out teenager.

So by allowing the students to study in groups by way of cloud file transfer, can often make those tests seem to be less stressful, and we can rid the student of the consequences for not doing well.

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