The nearly 150 year old automobile industrial manufacturers, puts it pedal to the metal on migrating to the cloud and the Internet of Things.

But it’s not just the automobile industry, as even today researchers report that a small percentage of companies have really embraced the digital innovation fostered by cloud file transfer. But more and more this year are driving there.

John Morrison is proof with his story and we love the stories of big complacent industry leaders having their positions sledge hammered by nimble cloud-based competitors. John said that by hem hawing around and not getting to the cloud sooner what he was really looking at was more like a slow and agonizing death. Cloud makes this easy to do but tough to see coming.

Morrison found that this leads to lots and lots of small investments in point solutions that enabled his startup to disrupt the value and deconstruct a chain of established industry leaders. Each one is focused on just one slice of the traditional business.

Cloud was not accepted till recently where everyone is seeing the benefits today!

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Yes, today it accounts for the ever-increasing acceleration of the trend. Even today researchers report that only 8% of companies have really embraced the digital innovation fostered by cloud computing. By 2020 it will be 12 years, a five-fold reduction.

Cloud was not around in the early part of that cycle but today it accounts for the ever-increasing acceleration of the trend. I mean that we applaud when we hear the stories of traditional industry leaders who can bite the bullet and recognize the world has changed.

For example, Capital One, in the very conservative banking and financial services arena, is making the leap. The bank told John Morrison, their very own customer, that the bank must migrate to the cloud since even many of their mom and pop type customers, as well as the larger industry leaders are going there.

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Value now is created today through innovations in processes and offerings based upon digital technologies.

Hop over to LinkedIn to see founder, Rohit Srivastava tell us more. Cloud-based file transfer and storage platforms and tools cost-effectively enable creating those innovations. Venture Capitalists (VC’s) really love this since investment requirements are low meaning they can make lots of bets and the returns of just a few winners who are using cloud file transfer and storage options, such as Guru Transfer, can be staggering.

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Besides all we just discussed, as I conclude, transferring huge files in between smartphones has in fact in this age today winding up to being much easier and stress free with the Guru Transfer application.

Whether you use an apple iphone or an android, it doesn’t matter which mobile device you prefer, you may begin transferring and storing large files and broad information quickly even while you are on the go, in an instant, and, without the troubles that consist of numerous other traditional methods from previous years of file transfer.

Pick any industry and you will see the same phenomena. Go ahead try it, especially for your industry, whatever that might be. All made possible through the advent of cloud file transfer services.

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