How do teens today understand cloud file transfer and sharing? Is it like a playground and having your friends close by all the time?

Jenny who is a 15 year old scholar student and a sophomore in high school, shared her excitement to her group of friends about searching for her lost dog by using the Guru Transfer app, for sharing files with the world. Additionally she stated that having Guru Transfer on her mobile devices is like having at your disposal the entire school and even students from other schools from all ends of the earth.

You can activate only the people you want to.

She added that the people that know my dog can recognize him. They can search all over the neighborhood and can share the dog’s details with the rest of the people.

While some of them are scouring the streets, I can make some active, as many as you consider necessary, spreading leaflets to convenience stores, as many as you need looking on the streets, as many as you need calling people from the nearby towns to see if they have seen my dog.

You can always move people from one team to the other or dismantle a team and distributing the people from that team to do another task.

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The number of the people involved is elastic, and you can re-distribute them from a task to a different task whenever you want wherever you want. As long as the search is done and I found my dog, everybody goes offline, not active anymore, going back to their homes.

The cloud with file transfer and sharing and storage is not only changing the world’s lives, but as well changing how our children are now interacting, studying, and so much more. The way our children play, learn, and interact with others and the world around them is a wonderful innovation.

And, when our children go online to communicate by email or play games via online software applications they are using the cloud! Unlike the outdoor playground, which is in some cases injury and physical risks can occur as kids will be kids, the cloud now is a safe and secure place without the risk of being exposed when they use cloud-based applications.

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After all, shouldn’t the cloud be a private and safe place for our kids these days?

See LinkedIn where founder, Rohit Srivastava tells us more. We live in a society where we share increasing amounts of information about ourselves and children are doing the same.

itunes from the Apple store

Increasingly cloud storage has become a way of life especially for older children. Children are using Guru Transfer file transfer and cloud storage to backup or migrate their music, their contacts, their photos, even video, and more, giving them the convenience of anywhere, anytime and access on any device.

Having the Guru Transfer app means that instead of all the computer hardware and software you’re using taking up space on your desktop, or somewhere inside your  network, it’s provided for you as a service by another company and accessed over the Internet, while you are on the go travelling anywhere in the world, in a completely seamless way.

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