Cloud storage is not just the perfect file-sharing tool, but consider backup in the event of disaster.

We’ve recently seen evacuations underway in parts of San Jose, California, due to severe flooding and the Oroville Dam spillway crisis. This threatened cities and towns in Northern California, and it’s clear that the future will likely have many natural disaster threats yet to come.

The United States government last year issued 103 federal disaster declarations across the country.

And for those that suffered a loss in such an area, or a casualty or theft loss in another situation, those losses may qualify for tax deductions, according to the American Institute of CPAs, or AICPA.

What about recuperation from important data loss, such as all the files they had backed up in hard drives and zip drives?

That said, consider the case of Ellen and Ralph when their old beach front home burnt to the ground from faulty electrical wiring.  Ralph worked diligently following his retirement to renovate the home on stilts surrounded by acres and acres of rocks and wild sea oats hosting the surf. They’d planned to live their golden years there.

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Think about your own situation and how may those files be retrieved when not just a flood or fire, but in any type disaster drowning or blowing away and flat out destroying those important devices you’ve been using for backup?

A casualty loss may be taken as an itemized deduction on Schedule A of Form 1040 for the year when the damage occurred (if a taxpayer doesn’t itemize, then they can’t even get the deduction).

“It’s not a grand giveaway,” said, a CPA and partner at large accounting firm in Louisiana, where flooding often occurs. But even with the best tax deductions for such a loss, still, how may you ever replace that important computer data?

Cloud storage is the perfect file-sharing tool, especially for multimedia and documents files that are too large to send by email.

Whether you need a reliable data backup solution, instant access to files wherever you are or a simple way to share files with colleagues and clients–or all of the above– there is a cloud storage service for you.

Another popular article shows readers how everyday people as well as entrepreneurs are heading to the cloud…

This gives not only everyday folks, but also small businesses like a mom and pop shops the flexibility of cloud storage and file sharing options. The benefits are instant storage for your everyday needs, sharing and storage for files to and from anywhere on the planet, especially secured during disaster.

Guru Transfer is a simple, secure and fast online storage provider.

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The Guru Transfer app allows for files easily accessible from anywhere and at any time, even after a flood or fire or any other disaster you can imagine, and offers unlimited storage.

See LinkedIn where founder, Rohit Srivastava explains that you will have 100 percent automated backups and the ability to sync multiple computers and mobile device apps.

In other words, no matter how nice the IRS is to you following a disaster, they won’t have a magic wand to restore the data in those damaged hard drives.

With Guru Transfer simply browse the files and folders on your mobile or smartphone and copy even large files as often as you’d like, and they are secured.

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