Becoming an entrepreneur is a dream for many and an aspiration or goal you hear over top of 9-5 cubicles in everyday work stations.

But starting your own business isn’t all bright sunny days and miles of freedom. Often the entrepreneur will be met with a struggle around every corner.

“Being her own boss” is something that can eat away at your confidence is what Marsha discovered, when she left her 40 hour a week—and get all the overtime you can mindset safe-haven that only left her complacent in life.

Marsha found quickly that running a profitable and successful company is an incredibly trying experience that takes dedication, hard work, and sacrifice. She decided that she would be one of the entrepreneurs who are celebrated. Marsha was out to prove that entrepreneurs are the ones that get up every day and make the world a place of hope and free will for everyone else.

A similar article shows how the cloud helps entrepreneurs be prepared if disaster hits…

When Marsha discovered cloud file sharing and storage options she found a security blanket.

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She found that when storing data in the cloud enabled her to secure access to data, using all devices such as tablet, smartphone and PC operating on the same system. This means entrepreneurs can maximize their efficiency by getting the access to information, using any device they have, at any given moment.

Marsha, being tight on startup cash found greater flexibility and reduced upfront costs making cloud technology a natural fit for her marketing shop, being that cloud simplifies the IT processes and accelerates the growth curve.

A simple situation with Marsha described the immense potential of cloud file sharing and storage with Guru Transfer:

  • She reached the client site to present a deal, but forgot to carry an important fact sheet that defines the success of the deal. Before leaving for the meeting she shifted the required data to the cloud which helped to access the data right at her fingertips at the client’s site.
  • Cloud file sharing and storage with Guru Transfer excludes the need for onsite servers—taking away with it operating costs and extra space required for storage of onsite servers.
  • The need for managing the network and information by devoted onsite staff diminishes.

For Marsha, this leads to improved cost efficiency.

Almost every entrepreneur shares the same experience as Marsha that it is practically not possible to execute business processes smoothly without a reliable network, computer and associated equipment.

It is often difficult for an average entrepreneur to keep its network up dated and maintain smooth functioning of software and other tools.

By making the move to the cloud, entrepreneurs need not to bank upon guesswork.

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See LinkedIn where Guru Transfer founder, Rohit Srivastava tells us about delivering an immediate resolution to any kind of troubleshooting and repairing issue.

Just like for Marsha, this enables entrepreneurs to focus more on running their business smoothly, instead of devoting time in performing research on servers and building the infrastructure.

What Marsha liked best is her confidence with security issues that can often be an additional expense for an entrepreneur. But the improved productivity and big savings with Guru Transfer overcomes the risks. This helps entrepreneurs to focus on delivering the best services which facilitates the growth of their businesses and maximize efficiency.

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