Janeen Sonsie Employee Advocacy Expert

Get the B.A.L.L.S. to Fix Your Employee Moral

Meet Janeen Sonsie, a truly original thinker in the space of employee advocacy. With several years of experience consulting technology companies from Cisco and HP all over Asia-Pacific to smaller companies all over the world – she has authored a book titled “Get the B.A.L.L.S to Get Real.” Needless to say she likes to get to the point quickly! Especially about employee advocacy!


How to Break On Through To The Other Side with Media!

Meet Jared, a pioneer in the multimedia thought leadership space. He’s taken it into his own hands to provide customized support for experts transforming into leaders using multimedia…which is one of the main areas of focus for his agency: Brick House Media.


Meet the Copy Monk: This Copy Pro Is A Ninja. No, Literally.

He calls himself ‘Master Shifu’ instead of ‘Founder’ of Copy Monk. If it isn’t obvious our spotlight has a bit of a martial arts obsession. His obsession is not only a hobby, there is no doubt that he IS a master. We have not seen his martial arts practices, but if we were to vouch for his email sales copy. We’ve seen it. It’s Ah-Moh-Zing…


Meet Warren Carlyle: Instagram Pro with an Octopus Fascination Like No Other

Warren has worked with celebrity artists and brands such as Sony Pictures, Condé Nast China, Uniqlo, TVR Optical, Mont Blanc and GQ.